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Surrey and Hampshire

My counselling practice offers you a safe environment to be heard in a non-judgmental way. Together we will build a therapeutic relationship where you can explore your concerns and move towards a resolution.

I am warm, open, trustworthy and an empathic person who
wishes to support your issues and emotions, without judging you. I work both privately and in higher education with adults and adolescents.


How I work

As an Integrative Counsellor I focus on your individual experience, feelings and thoughts. Through analysing behaviour and body language, my therapy looks at you as a whole, encouraging your personal growth by bringing together mental and physical self-awareness in the ‘here and now’. Our therapy together will promote self-responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and actions. This non-directive approach assists development of your internal resources, with the aim that you view yourself as a person with the power and resources to change.


Working together with mindfulness, a specific way of intentionally paying attention, we will develop your individual awareness. One negative thought can lead to a chain reaction of negativity. This approach enables your first negative thought to be ‘caught’ so that it is seen as just a ‘thought’ and not a fact. This breaks the chain reaction, giving you mental ‘space’ in which you can re-centre yourself in the present.

Systemic constellations

Originating from an integration of existential philosophy, family systems therapy and components of native theology, Systemic constellations support and compliment psychotherapy and personal development. Exploring issues connected with our social, cultural and family history; this work assists individuals with a variety of issues including career difficulties, relationship issues, divorce, addictions, eating disorders and other concerns by imparting new awareness, comprehension and healing.

I support people from all backgrounds, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.





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